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Perfecta® 2400

The award-winning Perfecta® Series features a small, lightweight footprint ideal for tight spaces in classrooms and workrooms. Now retired, the VariQuest Perfecta 2400 Poster Design System was the first full color poster design system designed exclusively for schools. Consider an upgrade to the Perfecta 2400PRO or our Perfecta STP Series with more features and user-friendly functionality!

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I Can Pack My Own School Lunch

I Can Pack My Own School Lunch


Help students learn to pack their own lunch with this instructional poster on how to create a balanced meal!

Looking for more content to print on your Perfecta Poster Design System? Check out our Perfecta Content Guide organized by title, lesson, and type!

How to Pack a School Lunch
How to Pack a School Lunch - Spanish
Identifying Money Poster & Card Pack

Identifying Money Poster & Card Pack


Help students to identify and remember the different types of US currency with this informative poster pack! This set includes printable pdf USA coin & dollar bill anchor charts, a money reference sheet student hand-out, and a set of identification cards – all available in both English and Spanish.

Have a Motiva 400? Download our Motiva Identifying Money Card Collection to print on cardstock media!

Looking for more content to print on your Perfecta Poster Design System? Check out our Perfecta Content Guide organized by title, lesson, and type!

Identifying Money_Poster Pack
Identifying Money_Poster Pack - Spanish
Identifying Money_Cards - Perfecta
Identifying Money_Cards - Perfecta - Spanish
Arbor Day Poster Pack

Arbor Day Poster Pack


Celebrate Arbor Day with your students by downloading this 3-pack of informative Arbor Day Posters created in collaboration with Cathy Henry of The Curriculum Corner!

Looking for more content to print on your Perfecta Poster Design System? Check out our Perfecta Content Guide organized by title, lesson, and type!

Arbor Day Quote Poster
The Roots of Arbor Day
Trees Rooted in Tradition


Perfecta® 2400

Will the Perfecta print certificates?

8.5? x 11? certificates can be printed using the built-in sheet fed tray. This feature will require the VariQuest Software of 6.0 or greater. You can request your FREE copy of the software byclicking here.

Am I able to print from other programs or import a non-VariQuest document (Microsoft Office, Adobe Suite, etc.) into the DC2300 in order to print to the Perfecta?

The original software application would need to be installed on the DC2300 in order to print directly from the application to the Perfecta (see previous question). Keep in mind that you will need to set the print preferences and driver settings relative to the application you are using (VariQuest presets these for you). If the file can be saved as a PDF, it can be printed from the Adobe PDF Reader that is pre-loaded on the DC2300. (See the Design Center Software Users Guide for additional information on printing from non-VariQuest software.)

Can I laminate Perfecta posters with the 24? ProFinish Cold laminating System?

Varitronics tested and, while it is possible to feed the 24?media through the 24? ProFinish Cold Laminator, there is an extremely high chance of the poster wrinkling. For optimum results, it is recommended to upgrade to the VariQuest Cold Laminator 2510.

Is the Perfecta Matte Polypropylene Paper designed for outside use? Will the ink bleed/run when it gets wet (rain, sprinklers, mist, etc.)?

The Perfecta Matte Polypropylene Paper cannot be hot laminated. The ink will bleed if it gets wet. Cold lamination will help protect from moisture as well as fading. We recommend using the VariQuest Cold Laminator 2510 when laminating heat-sensitive materials.

Is there a shelf life on Perfecta Ink and Media?

Typical shelf life for Perfecta Ink and Media is 2 years under normal operating and storage conditions. Varitronics will monitor shelf life and inventory levels to ensure a quality product is delivered to the consumer.

Can you use the Perfecta to print something in grayscale? Does the printer use any of the colored ink (Cyan, Magenta, or Yellow), or does it use only the black ink cartridge?

Yes, the printer could potentially use CMY inks to complete the greyscale printing. With inkjet technology, there are several circumstances when color ink may be used primarily to improve print quality, and improve printer reliability even if the document appears to be only black text and graphics. Some images that look black may contain a combination of black and color inks. For black and white images and photos, a blend of colors called composite black may be used to achieve better image quality and smoother gray tones. The nozzles also must be primed for the printer to operate a tiny amount of CMY inks are used in this process. That said, you can reduce the color inks used by modifying the driver settings.

What advantages does the Perfecta have over other competitive wide format inkjet printers offered to the education market?

The VariQuest Perfecta is an all-inclusive system (printer, touch workstation and software) all designed to work together and developed specifically for schools in mind. While we certainly understand there are other competitive wide-format printers on the market, we feel our solution is better suited for most school applications. Please contact your authorized VariQuest representative for a copy of the Perfecta 2400 Advantage flyer.

What are the operating conditions and storage temperatures of the Perfecta printer and supplies?

Perfecta 2400 Printer

  • Operating temperature: 41 to 104F
  • Storage temperature: -13 to 131F
  • Operating humidity: 20 to 80% RH

Perfecta Inks

  • Operating temperature: 41 to 95F
  • Storage temperature: -40 to 140F
  • Operating humidity: 10 to 90% RH

Perfecta Media (will vary slightly depending on paper type)

  • Operating temperature: 59 to 86F
  • Storage temperature: 30 to 70% RH
  • Drying time:
  • Bond/Coated = instant dry
  • Photo Satin/Gloss = 5 minutes
  • Matte Polypropylene = 11 minutes
Can we import a digital photo onto a blank Perfecta template to make a large photographic- quality image? What type of file and format should be used for optimum results?

Yes, you can import a graphic into a blank template; however, the quality of the poster is going to depend on a combination of the height, width, and resolution of your original image. If your height and width are greater than 2400 x 3600, and your resolution is 150 dpi or higher, you are pretty safe for a good print. There are several resources available on the internet to help understand print quality when enlarging photos. Please see previous question for a list of supported graphic file formats.

What size posters does the Perfecta print? How versatile is it in adjusting the end product size of posters?

Perfecta customers have a wide variety of output sizes to choose for their posters when using the VariQuest Software. Banners will vary in length depending on the template used or original length it was created.

Output size options for posters

Standard Posters are 24?x34?; banners will be scaled according to 24- inch width.

Medium Longest edge of the poster will be 24 inches.

13?x19? sheet


What type of file works best for importing a graphic or illustration into the DC 2300?

Graphic files that use any of these supported formats will be displayed:

Bitmap (*.bmp)

Tiff (*.tif)

JPEG (*.jpg)

Portable Network Graphic (*.png)

Windows Metafile (*.wmf)

In addition to importing graphics, PDF files can be printed easily using the My PDFs functionality for Poster Maker 3600 and Perfecta 2400.

How many posters can I print from the starter set and full set of inks? What is the cost per poster?

Ink usage varies based on many variables type and amount of content on poster, output size, paper type, print speed, and printer maintenance. That said, Varitronics conducted tests to estimate the average cost per poster using Perfecta Heavyweight Coated paper. Please contact your authorized VariQuest representative for additional information.

How much ink is included with the starter ink cartridges that are bundled with the Perfecta 2400? How much ink is included in a full cartridge?

Starter ink (per cartridge) Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow = 12ml; Black = 38ml

Full ink (per cartridge) Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow = 29ml, Black = 80ml

Does the Perfecta print edge-to-edge?

Margins for the Perfecta are: (top x bottom x left x right)

Roll: 0.2 x 0.2 x 0.2 x 0.2 in

Sheet: 0.2 x 0.67 x 0.2 x 0.2 in

Can the Perfecta posters be hot or cold laminated?

Perfecta Bond Hot and Cold

Perfecta Heavyweight Coated Hot and Cold

Perfecta Semi-Gloss Photo Paper Hot and Cold

Perfecta Gloss Photo Paper Hot and Cold

Perfecta Matte Polypropylene Cold lamination only

(See ink drying time under Operating Conditions later in this section.)